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Expanding on the Chinese Market Scholarship
Scholarship Name Expanding on the Chinese Market Scholarship
Academic Year 2021
Nationality Any
Scholarship Deadline 28 June 2021

Master in Fashion Buying & Merchandising

Istituto Marangoni and Zadig&Voltaire present the third edition of the contest “Zadig&Voltaire: Expanding on the Chinese market”

The aim of the contest is to encourage participants to present a strategy to develop the Chinese market for Zadig&Voltaire while considering all marketing aspects and activities (corner, shop in shop, boutique, ….).

Participants will be asked to research on the brand awareness, consumer profile, brand value chain analysis, core competencies and synergies, in order to propose Zadig&Voltaire a strategy expanding on the Chinese market. Ms.Cecilia Bonstrom, Artistic Director of Zadig&Voltaire, will lead a jury of professionals, including teaching executives of Istituto Marangoni.

The jury will evaluate the projects and award the winner with a 50% scholarship to attend the Fashion Buying & Merchandising Master’s Course starting in October 2021 at Istituto Marangoni • The Paris School of Fashion.

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